Based on decades of success at the highest level of international competition, including the Olympics and World Championships, Global Wave Inc. offers a variety of services such as high performance development of coaches, athletes and organizations, channel building, sports consulting, event organization and special events. All of these services are based on a solid foundation of high performance experience, knowledge of sporting needs and trends in North America and around the globe and an unparalleled passion for sport.

The Management Team of DJ Global Wave Inc. consists of highly respected people from the fields of sport, business, law and the IT industry. The owner of the company, Dragan Jovanovic, has been a leader in elite and high performance sport for over 30 years as an Olympic coach, national team head coach, program leader of a National Sport Federation, a high performance director, athlete and now as the President and Chief Executive Officer of DJ Global Wave Inc.


Dragan is an international leader in the development of the sport of water polo. He has gained extensive expertise in the game as both a National team athlete and Olympic coach. 

Born in the former Yugoslavia (Serbia), Dragan grew up living water polo. He has been successful in the sport for almost four decades and in high performance sport for over 30 years as an athlete, club coach, nation team coach, high performance director, president and CEO.

He has participated in elite competition including the Olympic Games, FINA World Championships, European Championships, Champions League, Pan American Games, FISU Games, and the Commonwealth Games. He is a multiple medal winner in the pool, and the creator of innovative, fundamental programs within a National Sport Organization.