So much to look forward to in 2018! Global Wave has been working hard on new programs and events for our young athletes.

The Futures Program

The Futures program was created in partnership with the USWP ODP Program to give an opportunity for young water polo athletes (14U, 16U & 18U male and female categories) to grow and develop in an international competitive environment. This is an opportunity to train and compete internationally.

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The All Star Team Program

The All Star Team Water Polo program provides enhanced training for individual athletes (14U & 16U male and female categories) from western Canada during summer months, who strive towards colleges or national team participation and are high performance focused.

Basic model (during the summer months) is 2-3 weeks of enhanced training in Canada + 10-14 days of European  scrimmage and tournament or participation at Junior Olympics. Coaches are well known, with lots of experience and great knowledge.

Read more information here >> for 14U & 16U.

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